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These instructions are in addition to the "Gas Co.", "Occupant Fumigation Notice and Pesticide Disclosure", the fumigation "Fact Sheet" and "To Bag Or Not To Bag" Information sheets.

The Occupant's Fumigation Notice and Pesticide Disclosure is provided to the owner or owner's agent and tenant of the premises for which the work will be done. If the premises for which the work is to be performed is a multiple family dwelling consisting of more than 4 units, the owner/owner's agent shall receive notification and other notices shall be posted in heavily frequented, highly visible areas including, but not limited to, all mailboxes, manager's apartment, and all laundry rooms and community rooms. Complexes with fewer than 5 units will have each affected unit notified. The notice shall be provided at least 48 hours prior to the application unless the fumigation follows inspection by less than 48 hours in at least one of the following ways; (1) first-class mail (2) posting in a conspicuous place on the real property or by (3) personal delivery. The notice must be signed and on the property when the crew arrives or fax to (562) 866 - 0286 before 5:00 p.m. today before the fumigation is scheduled.

Access to all rooms, garages, sheds and storage compartment is mandatory. A "spare" set of KEYS, controllers or other access will be necessary during different procedures of the fumigation. KEYS and controllers will be returned after the property is certified safe for re-entry. If access is not provided, forced entry or removal of locks will be necessary to comply with this regulation. During the fumigation, all doors and entrances will be secured by secondary locks, chains or nailed shut, however, the fumigator does not provide onsite SECURITY and does not assume any responsibility in case of vandalism or breaking and entering. We recommend the owner or occupant provide security/guard and contact your insurance agent to verify that you have insurance coverage to protect against damage of vandalism to your property.

The following PREPARATIONS are necessary and must be done prior to the fumigation crew arrival by the owner, owners agent or occupant/tenant.

1. If fumigation procedures will require access to your neighbor's yard it is the responsibility of the owner/agent to obtain permission to pass and proper notification including but not limited to the possibility of plant damage. The safety of pets, animals (including strays) and our crews depend on precautions taken by owners/agents, tenants and neighbors. During the fumigation process, it will be necessary to remove, barricade or leash all animals.

2. The fumigator will exercise due care but assumes no responsibility for damage to shrubbery, vines, plants, plumbing, electrical, roof or other damage that may occur during a fumigation process. We recommend you take any steps you feel necessary to prevent any damage to your property. Tree branches, climbing vines attached to walls, fences and roofs must be removed or trimmed with 18 inches clearance from the structure to be fumigated. Potted plants, yard items and debris must be moved away from exterior walls, patios and porch areas. Soak the soil at least 12 inches from the foundation outward. Turn off controllers for security systems, air conditioners, night lights and sprinklers.

3. To prevent exposure of food and other commodities to gas fumigant during the structural fumigation, all items such as but not limited to food, feed, drugs and medicines (including food items in freezers and refrigerators) must be removed from structure being fumigated or be properly sealed in approved protective bags (as instructed on the "To bag or not to bag... that is the question." sheet provided). Fumigation crews will not bag or re-bag these items. Any unbagged or improperly bagged items will be considered waste and remove from the structure. The owner/occupant will be responsible for disposal and replacement of the items. Structural fumigants are colorless and odorless gases and they do not affect dried or cured paint. You may leave items such as waterbeds, dishes, utensils, linens, toys and unopened factory seal ed glass or metal containers of food inside the structure during fumigation.

4. Remove people, pets, plants, mattresses and pillows enveloped in waterproof covers (baby Mattresses), and any other unusual items you value. Automobiles and Boats must be removed from garages and carports.

When the fumigation crew arrives take a moment to discuss with the licensee any unique, fragile or sensitive condition that pertains to your fumigation, such as an emergency phone number, location of your gas meter, electrical circuit breakers and water shut off. Other precautions may include structural integrity problems such as roofing, rain gutters, antennas, solar panels, skylights, satellite dishes and landscape. Because there is no way to predict if any damage might occur during the fumigation process, the company assumes no liability for incidental damages.

The contractor shall not be liable, as to the completion of the work, for any delay which may be caused by reason or on account of inclement weather conditions, any strike a workmanship, unavoidable accidents, inability to secure materials or you to use materials in the performance of the work by reason of laws or regulations of the State of California, or any other circumstance beyond their control. No such delay shall be deemed a default on the part of the contractor.

The owner or agent may rescheduled a fumigation without penalty prior to our crew arrival by calling our office at (562) 866- 7535 and faxing a confirmation to (562) 866-0286.

The typical structural fumigation process would be;

Day one:
Depending on a construction or the building, the doors and windows may be sealed with tape and a plastic sheet, or the structure may be covered with a tarp. The building will remain sealed for 12 or more hours depending on the specifics of the job.
Day two:
After the tarp or tape is removed, if you make it will start the aeration process.
Day Three:
Once the dwelling has been thoroughly aerated and tested safe to re-enter, the re-entry notice needed for the gas company will be posted on your building. (Keep the notice for the gas Co.)

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